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Andres moline Photography portfolio

This macro photography tutorial takes you through a variety of studio shoots and then into the jungles of Central America. Where Andres teach his techniques to shoot fine art, products, live insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Each lesson is accompanied by a post-processing section where I will demonstrate his full Lightroom and Photoshop workflow. This tutorial is perfect for anyone wanting to get started in or perfect their macro photography

Come and join me with the team of Boreal expedition to discover the popular and hidden locations Iceland has to offer. We will be assisted by Spanish pro photographer Raul Marin, and Colombian pro photographer Mario Carvajal for a photo tour of Iceland!, these all inclusive tours are limited to ten participants. visit for more info

From Asia, Europe, north America and the rainforest of central and South America I've been exploring the secret worlds that lay within our planet, photographing incredible landscapes, endemic and endangered species of arthropods and amphibians, sharing their unique beauty and helping bring awareness on the importance they play on our day to day lives, I've made  photography a journey of learning and discovery.

At Concepto Studios Inc.  We offer the full spectrum of product development services ranging

from research, branding, industrial design, 3D visualization and engineering to prototyping, sourcing, packaging, tooling and manufacturing.

All key points necessary to bringing a product to the market.


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