"Good design is an orchestrated and equilibrated balance of factors that are forged aesthetically by the designer while meeting retail and corporate needs, but never compromising user expectations."   

Andres is a Professional Designer, Entrepreneur, Macro Photographer, and Social Design advocate. One of the two founders and principal designer of Concepto studios, an award-winning industrial and social design firm. 

During his professional career, he had the privilege to work with clients such as Office Depot, Black & Decker, George Foreman, Polaroid, Remington, Philips, Russell Hobbs, Hisense, Nokia, Midea, and many others.

Andres photography work has been published by the BBC, NHK World Japan, Societas Entomologica, numerous entomology Books, galleries, and multiple online publications, in 2019 Fstoppers and Andres, developed Mastering macro Photography

The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial

Andres is an  IDEA GOLD award and a Red Dot award for best design Recipient. 

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